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(This is a re-post of the original blog post from October 2014)

There are seasons of life, and some seasons just plain suck! If you are in the middle of a "winter" or season of struggle, take a step back from the hurt, the uncertainty, the worry. Take a deep breath and realize this: you are alive, you are full of feeling, of being, of life. What a gift to be alive, to feel this profoundly, to know how powerful your soul and body are, that you won't be broken by this, but will grow and become stronger. It is ok to hurt right now. Don't worry, it won't hurt like this forever.

And through this struggle you are being conditioned and strengthened like a warrior or an athlete to be even better and stronger than the day before. You may not feel it right now, you may feel weak or beaten down. But take some extra rest, take care to eat good food and hydrate, and bring new energy into the new day. Expect for things to get better. Things WILL get better.

Seek opportunities to make things better. Use the resources around you in this vast world. Ignore negativity and seek positivity. What hashtags are you searching on Instagram and Twitter? Does your Facebook feed need some cleaning up? What TV show topics are you filling your mind with? Listen to your conversations-- what are your word choices? How else could you describe what you are talking about? Consider whether reaching out and helping others might help to shift your perspective.

Work hard to focus your attention on the good that is happening-- the smile from a friend, your favorite song on the radio, the sunshine on your face. Don't let doubt and negative talk take control of your thoughts-- push those thoughts away and continue to work hard to focus your attention on opportunities for hope, for little glimmers of happiness.

Bit by bit, minute by minute, day by day, focus your energy on moving forward one step at a time to a new season in your life with more light, more joy, and a stronger version of YOU!

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