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Moving Mountains Within

Part 1: A Very Important Question

A client asked me the other day, “I feel like I’ve been making progress, but now all of a sudden I don't feel so good. What's going on?”

It was a few days since our last appointment, during which she had a major breakthrough about how to change her life for the better. And just a couple days later brings us to today, and she is beginning to feel ill. Nothing specific, just kind of “down” with a “foggy” feeling overall, to use her words.

This is vague and sort of ill feeling similar to the beginning of a cold or flu is not uncommon after major metaphysical breakthroughs are reached. My client’s identity in this example is safe because I’ve had many clients ask me the same question! And it is a very important question.

(Key word-- Metaphysics: Things that exist but cannot be seen or directly perceived by our 5 senses.)

Part 2: Big Shift Within

This vaguely uncomfortable feeling is common after a metaphysical breakthrough because the entire being-- your mind, body, and spirit-- is beginning an important shift. Think back to an earth sciences class. Remember learning about how topography (mountains) move? Lots of earth-quaking happens when these big physical parts of our environment shift. And similar “earthquakes” happen within us metaphysically when we make a big shift in the mind and body.

I explained to my client she is going through a holistic shift that will change her life for the better… if she allows it to happen.

If she allows it to happen. This is the most important part of any healing and growth process.

(Key word-- Holistic: Evaluating or related to the complete system rather than individual parts only.)

Part 3: Clearing Out the Garbage

Her proverbial mountain had begun to shift. From the work we had done together in sessions so far, the blocks and obstacles in her life were beginning to dislodge from her subconscious and be removed from her being.

The old, negative clutter in her mind was beginning to be processed and removed on the subconscious level. Such an exciting time. And at the end of our most recent session, she had said she felt “hope” and felt “liberated” for the first time in many, many years.

These good feelings indicate the negative metaphysical clutter is dislodging and processing. To use an analogy: No one likes to take out the nasty garbage from the kitchen. But it has to be done in order to clean up the kitchen, right? And a clean kitchen is happy kitchen. Same idea here.

Part 4: Decision Time

There is always that critical moment in the metaphysical healing process—to choose a new path to healing, or fall back into familiar pain and cover it up with pills and things.

Things and pills are nothing more than a mask if we are not living in a healthful way, which includes being true to our authentic self. Real healing takes work.

In my client’s case, she chose to work through the discomfort and step into her new growth process.

Within a couple weeks of our continued work together, her vague feeling of discomfort and “fogginess” subsided. Metaphysically, the “moving of the mountain” within her was finished, and now all the new growth was happening.

I couldn't be happier for her, and for everyone who chooses to move forward through the process of healing!

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