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"After only a few sessions, I am off my anxiety medication I have been on for years [with my doctor's approval]. I feel more relaxed on a daily basis. I definitely recommend Mighty to anyone who wants be able to learn how to control their anxiety, which is an empowering feeling in itself."

M.W., Environmental Specialist

"Aja’s presentation on stress reduction and sleep was very beneficial for all members of our diverse staff of 120! She presented unique ideas about the cycles of sleep that we can all use in our daily lives. She tailored her presentation to our needs and was very easy to work with. Aja is poised and confident as a speaker and is energetic and likable It was great to have her!"

A.R., Registered Dietitian

"Before meeting with Aja I was having a lot of muscle and joint problems to the point of extremely painful walking. Aja taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle and relax my mind and body. I felt so much better after the first session! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who was experiencing muscle and stress problems. I have learned so much in just a few sessions and am so grateful to be in control of my body again."

M.M., Restaurant Server

“The techniques and process at Mighty are a true gift. I am so thankful for the positive changes in my life that are a direct result of them. I feel my anxiety and depression, which have haunted and at times paralyzed me my whole life, are becoming much more manageable. I am able to function with solid, gentle coping skills that this program has taught me to develop. My sessions are a very pure and peaceful experience, and I cherish the fact that there is a program such as this to participate in. For those out there who suffer quietly feeling hopeless and helpless, such as I once did, this is exactly the program for you!"

G.M., Medical Language Specialist

"I've never been a good sleeper, 5-6 hours of broken sleep on an average night. I had better sleep after just one session, and after a program of 4 sessions I am sleeping 8 hours regularly! I am truly amazed!"

J.P., Restaurant Manager

"I feel much more calm and relaxed during stressful situations in my workplace, and in my overall life as well."

D.K., Real Estate Professional

"I became aware to make changes I needed to make. And I feel more relaxed and whole. I feel improved vibrations in my body."

V.M., Internet Marketer and Body Work Therapist

"When I first came to Aja [for coaching], I was at peace, but not knowing-- I had no direction forward in my life. I am now on a 'path' of certain discovery. My confidence in my decisions have been 'cemented'."

S.M., Military Veteran and Peer Support Specialist

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